Metro Detroit Officer Previously Charged With Assault Gets New OWI Charge

HAZEL PARK, Mich. – A former Ferndale police officer who was once charged with a crime for roughing up a suspect later got a second chance with a new police department. But now, 7 Investigator Heather Catallo has learned that Officer Jason White has been let go once more – for getting arrested yet again.

On April 18, 2016, White came face-to-face with a 17-year-old he’d already busted five times for stealing stuff from cars. In scout car video, the teen drops to the ground as police approach him.

After White cuffs the teen, the video show him punching him and slamming him into the ground at least three times.

The Oakland County Prosecutor charged White with misdemeanor assault and battery. White pleaded no contest and resigned. But he was later hired by Hazel Park Police. They were willing to him White a second chance.

Now Officer White knows once again what it’s like to get locked up.

On Oct. 19, Royal Oak police arrested the 40-year-old for drunk driving. Court records show White is now charged with Operating While Intoxicated and Carrying a Concealed Weapon with a blood alcohol content of .10, or higher.

The Hazel Park police chief confirmed to the 7 Investigators that they suspended White after his arrest, and after an internal investigation, he was let go from the department.

In a statement, the chief said, “We are saddened by his actions that evening, but we are thankful no one was harmed including Officer White prior to his arrest.”

Read the complete statement below:

“The Hazel Park police was made aware of Officer White’s arrest and conducted an internal investigation in the matter. The results of the investigation determined that the City of Hazel Park felt it was necessary to separate his employment with the Hazel Park Police Department. We are saddened by his actions that evening, but we are thankful no one was harmed including Officer White prior to his arrest.”

White’s attorney declined to comment. White is expected back in court on the new charges in the coming weeks.


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