Mom Violently Attacked by a Cop while Picking Daughter Up from School, for Parking on the Grass



Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Cutler Bay, FL — Rita Guzman, 25, was arrested last week after being violently pulled from her vehicle by a power-tripping police officer as she attempted to pick her daughter up from school.

Guzman was not wanted for murder, or theft, or even a subject of the state’s immoral war on drugs. She hadn’t caused harm to anyone or anything.

Instead, Guzman had fallen victim to the latest revenue collection scheme conducted by Miami-Dade cops at Dr. Edward L. Wingham Elementary School in Cutler Bay.

When school lets out and parents arrive to pick up their children, police prey on their unsuspecting hosts who attempt to park on the grass.

That’s right.

The video that you will see below of an innocent woman being fiercely yanked from her vehicle by a public servant is for her choice of parking spots.

Local News 10 spoke to a parent, whose child attends the school.

They said police have been handing out citations to parents every day, although there is limited parking availability for parents.

“There is not enough parking here,” another parent, Alex Montes, said. “And they put a whole bunch of no parking signs that were not here last year.

Now what they do is wait for the parents every morning and every afternoon to give us tickets.”

“I wish they would come up with a solution to the problem. We don’t know where to park,” said parent Daissy Santiago.

According to the report, Guzman was parked in an area that was marked “no parking or standing.”

Seeing his opportunity to sweep in and extort money from an unsuspecting Guzman, a Miami-Dade police officer descended upon her car.

Guzman explains that she was distracted when the officer approached her so she did not immediately prostrate herself before the authority of the badge.

“I was on the phone, distracted, and the officer asked me to move.

I was fine with that, but I didn’t know where. Then it escalated, and he was really aggressive with me,” Guzman said.

According to police, Guzman asked the officer, “Why are you being nasty?” and refused to hand him her driver’s license. For failing to instantly and conscientiously obey his commands, the Miami-Dade officer used the only means he apparently knew to rectify the situation — violence.

“I can’t believe it’s me in that video,” Guzman said of the violent encounter with one of Miami’s finest. “It just wasn’t necessary.”

Guzman was then arrested and her daughter stranded at school as the cop hauled her hardened criminal mother off to jail.

Guzman was arrested on charges of resisting arrest without violence and was forced to spend the night in jail.

“I just want people around here to feel safe, and I’m at a point where I don’t feel safe in my own community. I don’t feel safe taking my daughter to school,” said Guzman, who now wears a splint on each wrist for sprains inflicted upon her by this public servant.

“Now, I’m just scared, and I’m terrified.”

Watch the video below:

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