Mother Devastated after Cop Fatally Shoots Her Soldier Son

NEW YORK — Noel Polanco was a soldier who wanted to protect his country.

That all changed one night as he was driving home.

Noel dreamed of serving his country. He never thought he would be executed by a cop.

Noel dreamed of serving his country. He never thought he would be executed by a cop.

Officer  Hassan Hamdy pulled Noel over at a traffic stop.

The officer claimed that Noel had been driving “recklessly.”

Noel never expected what would happen next.

He was shot in the chest and killed by officer Hamdy, who claims that Noel was “reaching” under the seat.

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Officer Hamdy pointed his gun through the open passenger window of Noel’s vehicle and opened fire, executing Noel in his car.

Noel was unarmed and posed no actual threat to the officer.

Some claim that the officer has issues with being “trigger-happy.”

Heart-broken by the loss of her son, Cecilia Reyes sought justice.

The city gave her 2.5 million dollars as compensation.

But that will never bring back Noel, and it does not bring justice to officer Hamdy, she said last week.

“I want this officer fired,” she said.

“He doesn’t belong in the street. He doesn’t belong with a gun. He doesn’t belong walking those streets and hurting another family like he did to mine.”

Officer Hamdy fired his weapon and shot Noel after he saw Noel “reaching” under his seat, according to reports.

A court found that officer Hamdy “did not intentionally” violate Noel’s rights after taking his life.  He was cleared of wrongdoing.

“He has a problem and he needs to be off those streets. He’s too dangerous. I’m sorry, that’s how I feel,” said the mother.

He has still been paid since the fatal shooting, and is now assigned to an “Emergency Service Unit.”

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