Mother Dragged on Ground and Attacked for Filming Cop


MIAMI — Brandy Berning, a Florida mother, is seeking justice after she was pulled over by officer O’Brien for a traffic stop on the I-95 going northbound.

She decided to be responsible for her safety and begin recording on her cell phone as the officer approached her vehicle.

Once he got to her window, she respectfully notified him that she was recording the interaction.

She was attacked and arrested for recording a cop for her safety.
She was attacked and arrested for recording a cop for her safety. Image via ABC Channel 10 News

“I have to tell you, I was recording our conversation” she said, letting the officer now that his job performance would be documented.

That’s when the officer unbelievably snapped back, “Well I have to tell you that you just committed a felony.”

The officer can then be heard demanding that Brandy hand over her phone.

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“Give me your phone” he commanded

This brave mom knew that she was doing the right thing.

“No,” she said, “get out of my car!”

What she recorded next is disturbing.

The officer can be heard opening up her car door and climbing into her vehicle, according to a report by ABC Local 10 News.

“Get off of me! Get off of me!” Brandy began screaming.

That’s when the officer literally grabbed her by her arm, pulled her out of her car, and dragged her body on the ground, she says.

He then threw her against his police cruiser and forced her wrists behind her back to arrest her, she says.

The attack caused scars and cuts to her face and legs, spraining in her wrist, and multiple areas of skin scraped off of her leg.

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The officer then confiscated her phone, took her to jail, and locked her in a cell.

She spent the night injured in jail for peacefully filming a police officer.

“He took my personal belonging… putting me in jail, for something so small,” said Brandy, noticeably disturbed by the incident, in an interview with Local 10 News

She has hired attorneys and plans to file a lawsuit for battery, false arrest, and false imprisonment.

Watch the video below