Mother of Two Shot in the Chest, Killed by Police After She Called 911 for Help


GASTONIA, NC — An innocent woman who called 911 for help was shot and killed by police who arrived at her home on Tuesday.

She only called them for help, said the family, devastated over their loss.

“My sister would not hurt anyone,” said Debra, her sister.

Betty Sexton was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

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It began when Officer LaDoniqua Neely pulled out her gun, aimed it at Betty, and shot her in the chest, according to reports.

Betty is a mother of two and was concerned when a couple of unwanted guests entered her home.

The guests may have known her boyfriend, who was sharing the home with her at the time.

She promptly called 911 to have the guests removed.

In the meantime, she took out an old musket antique to protect herself from the intruders. Of course, the musket was not a working firearm.

When police arrived, they commanded Betty to put down the musket and she immediately began to comply, according to reports.

Despite putting down the musket, she was shot to death anyway.

“That officer still shot my sister dead in the chest,” said Debra.

“All she wanted was someone removed from her house,” she added.

We suspect that Officer LaDoniqua will claim that she “feared for her life.”

She has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.

Betty’s death is the third shooting by officers in Gastonia in just this year so far.

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“We haven’t had this many officer-involved shootings this close together since I started working here in 1994,” said Donna Lahser, a spokeswoman with the Gastonia police.

Watch the video below: