Mother of Two Killed in Her Car by Cop Who Wouldn’t Yield the Right-of-Way

RAY BROOK — A mother of two has died after a police officer who would not follow traffic laws smashed into her vehicle.

Jennifer Chauvin, 33, was driving with her two children in her vehicle.

It appeared to be a normal morning like any other.

Jennifer never expected that her life would end in just a few minutes.

As she pulled her vehicle up, Officer Joshua Jenkins, who was accelerating in his Police SUV, would not stop.

Officer Jenkins was supposed to obey traffic laws and yield the right-of-way to the mother.

Because he failed to yield, the Officer rammed his SUV into Jennifer and her children.

Jennifer was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her three-yr-old child Riley and her six-yr-old child Kaleb will never see their mother again.

Both children suffered injuries and have been hospitalized.

The fatal crash occurred in the morning in Ausable, Clinton County.

The children have been “transported to Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital,” according to a report by WPTZ News.

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Officer Joshua Jenkins “failed to yield the right of way,” according to investigators.


He was driving a New York State police SUV when he smashed into Jennifer’s smaller Ford Focus.

The police assured the public that the “accident remains under investigation.”

There is no word yet whether Officer Jenkins will be convicted for vehicular manslaughter, or whether he will keep his job, or whether he will receive paid time off. Further details will be provided as more information becomes available.

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Jennifer’s children miss their mother and are still being treated for injuries.

Watch the video below.

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