[WATCH] “Motherf***er! I’m Gonna Kill You” – Video Shows Cop Torture Teen to Death


MESQUITE, TX — Parents are devastated after learning the full story of what police did to their child.

It began when Kathy and Robert Dyer received a phone call stating that their 18-yr-old son, Graham, had been involved in an altercation with police and was in a hospital.

They rushed to the hospital, but were shocked when police prevented them from seeing their son.

Graham had allegedly ingested LSD earlier that night, and when his friends noticed him having a bad reaction, they called the police.

Originally the parents were informed that Graham was assaulting police and they had no choice but to defend themselves and contain him.

It wasn’t until two years later that police finally handed over the raw footage of what happened.

What police did not tell Graham’s parents is that they used a taser to repeatedly torture him, even using it on his genital region.

Records were also obtained on the use of tasers and they suggested that as many as four officers were shocking Graham’s body multiple times.

At one point Graham was being shocked in the backseat of a patrol vehicle, and an officer can be heard saying “Motherfucker I’m going to kill you!”

“I’m not saying doing LSD wasn’t stupid,” Kathy, Graham’s mother, said. “And things happen. But this should have never happened.”

Watch the video below: