Mountainburg Woman Tased While She Watches Her House Burns Down

MOUNTAINBURG — The Mountainburg police chief was forced to use his taser on a woman as she watched her home burn down, he claims.

Charlotte Adam’s home burned to the ground Friday (Oct. 26) night.

The Mountainburg police chief, Vincent Clamser, was called to the scene to help assist with the fire. He says Adams became combative while they were investigating the fire.

“The Mountainburg police department responded to a house fire, a structure fire, that was out in the county. A deputy needed assistance because she was encountering resistance and disturbance from the family,” Clamser said.

Adams sister spoke with 5NEWS about what happened that night.

“Charlotte was sitting on the ground crying, and the woman cop said come here and let me talk to you and they were over there talking, and she said leave me the heck alone my house is on fire.

Adams sister went on to explain what lead to her sister being tased. “And she went like that (throws her arm in the air) and stepped back, and that woman grabbed her arm and spun her around, and the Mountainburg cop ran up there to help, and he tased her and they threw her on the ground.”

“Arkansas law and our policy allow us to use non-lethal force to help effect an arrest, and Ms. Adams was actively fighting with the deputy and not complying with our commands. So I warned her we would use an electronic control device, a taser,” Clamser told 5NEWS.

Charlotte’s boyfriend tells me their five pet chihuahua’s were home during the time of the fire and they have found two but are still looking for the other three.

Investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire.