Multiple Cops Reported for Child Sex Abuse, Mayor Asks FBI to Intervene

03-20-2017 | LOUISVILLE, KY —

Alarming reports have emerged about what a Louisville mayor is calling “our worst nightmare.”

What’s happening is apparently so bad that Mayor Greg Fischer has now confirmed that he requested an intervention by the FBI.

Statements have been produced alleging that multiple police officers involved in the department’s “Youth Explorer Program” may be involved in the sexual abuse of minors, according to reports.

Not only was the raping said to occur, but it was concealed by officials within the department, according to reports.

A lawsuit was filed by one of the alleged victims stating that Officer Kenneth Betts and Officer Brandon Wood sexually assaulted and filmed the sexual assault in order to produce porn from 2011 to 2013.

Interestingly, police chief Steve Conrad decided to end an investigation whether Officer Betts had been making improper contact on a teenager.

It has prompted questions by readers online about what could possibly motivate such a decision.

When asked whether additional officers and children were involved, the mayor did not comment, according to reports, due to the fact that the investigation is pending.

The City of Louiseville is now going to conduct an independent examination of any agencies with programs that involve children.

“It’s important we not just limit it to the police department, but knowing who knew what when, and wherever that goes is important,” said David James, a city councilman.

When James and another council member met Chief Conrad regarding the allegations, they said that they obtained more information from police officers suggesting that there are possibly more allegations that have not been made public yet.

The Mayor “finally realizes this has now extended beyond the boundaries of just a bad police officer,” said another council member, suggesting that the problem may be systemic.

Kentucky made the news earlier this year as reports surfaced stating that human trafficking is on the rise in the state.

Human trafficking was linked to online sex trafficking websites and the traffickers could even be using local restaurants, reports state.

News of human trafficking exploded internationally in November of 2016 when independent investigations suggested that high-ranking government officials were complicit in the crimes against children, a local restaurant in DC was said to be involved.

The corporate media in the US quickly dismissed the investigations as “fake news” and “conspiracy theory.”

Owned by just six corporations who control the flow of information, the mainstream outlets have remained largely silent on the matter since then, despite the fact that more than 1,500 pedophiles and human traffickers have been arrested and investigated since January of this year — and more are happening by the day.

Several of the cases involve politicians as high up as mayors and even a former Prime Minister.

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