Navy SEAL: We’re Going to Expose Elite Pedophile Rings in the US


WASHINGTON, DC — Craig Sawyer is a Marine veteran, Navy SEAL, sniper, and combat instructor with decades of experience in sophisticated military operations and intelligence gathering.

He is starting a new project called Veterans for Child Rescue, which will expose human trafficking and pedophile rings that are operating within the US and possibly abroad.

The alternative media has been on fire recently with reports of sadistic crimes against children occurring at the highest levels of power.

The mainstream media, for its part, has been largely silent on the matter.

“It’s a growing problem in our country because the people doing this to children are often the same ones drafting laws for us, yet we rarely hear about it in news broadcasts,” said one commenter.

Sawyer was recently interviewed at a firearms convention, and stated the following:

We started a nonprofit organization called ‘Veterans For Child Rescue’ and we are raising money to expose high level elite pedophile rings that are snatching up our children. Some of them are into satanic rituals and torturing little infants and toddlers to death.

I’m getting high level information from federal law enforcement and intelligence communities. There have been over 3,000 arrests since January…

With all of these arrests going on, I’ve been learning more and more about it and I’ve realized I have to go independent to get around the gatekeepers in the mainstream media who refuse to report on it.

My mission is to inform the American citizens of what they’ve been denied knowing. I want to provide a non permissive environment against these acts for these children and make a better environment for the children going forward. We have to do something.

I’ve assembled a task force of high level intelligence retirees and veterans who are very capable. So we’re going to shoot this documentary and shine a light on this cesspool of corruption and help clean it up.

Social media is suppressing my reach. Crowdfunding sites have undermined us. But every day we are gaining more and more support from high level officials. It’s a grassroots movement that is growing very very quickly.

Visit Veterans for Child Rescue and watch the video below: