New Trump Plan: Many Applying for US Visas Will be Asked to Provide Social Media History

WASHINGTON, DC — Immigrants applying for US visas will be asked to let government officials carefully review five years of their social media activity and posts, under a new plan that the Trump administration is ready to phase out, according to reports.

They will be asked to provide not only their social media activity, but the email addresses and phone numbers that they’ve used, along with 15 years of work and travel history.

It is part of President Trump’s plan to implement “enhanced” screening questions in order to tighten security in response to the threat of terrorism.

The screening would be applied to all persons who’ve been identified as needing extra security attention.

This would include, for instance, people who are traveling from countries in which terrorist organizations are believed to exist.

If someone has posted material on their social media account that is perceived as having a permissive or supportive attitude toward terrorism against the US, then presumably they would not be approved.

The plan has been criticized by immigration rights advocates and democrats, with some suggesting it is “Orwellian” in nature.

Supporters of the plan point out that it is a sensible approach, however, given that ISIS is heavily active on many social media platforms, and looking into someone’s social media history would reveal if they’ve endorsed ISIS’s posts or projects.

The request will also be made for any “identifiers” used by people on social media. Thus any sock puppet accounts will still need to be provided. Moreover, it will track users’ contacts to detect indirect connections and links to suspect accounts.

Watch the video below to see how ISIS uses social media to recruit and radicalize:

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