News Video: Escondido Mom Says Homeland Security Agent Pointed Gun at Her on I-15


ESCONDIDO, Calif. – An Escondido mom says she had a gun pointed at her while driving on northbound Interstate 15 with her toddler son in the backseat.

Felicia Ocampo says she was coming back from a camping trip Sunday afternoon with her two-year-old son Cohen when someone started tailgating her around Mira Mesa Boulevard. She says a silver Ford Fusion came up fast behind her and tried to box her in with other traffic so she tried to speed up to get away.

“He comes up behind me and it’s like he almost hit the back of my car so I kind of like put on my brakes like ‘Hey get back,’” she said. “He was looking at me, he was driving towards me and that’s when he came over right next to my car and that’s when I flipped him off.”

She claims that’s when things turned deadly.

“He said ‘Pull the f*** over or I’m going to shoot you,’” Ocampo said. “I see him put on this black Kevlar vest. So I’m like ‘Ok, is he a cop?’”

Ocampo said she pulled over because she was afraid he was going to shoot her car and hurt her son.

She said it didn’t get better once they were both pulled over.

“He said if I don’t shut my mouth, then he was going to put his gun in my mouth and shut it for me,” she said. “’What are you doing? You’re scaring the crap out of me, you’re trying to drive me off the road, what is going on?’ and he was like ‘You’re driving 90 miles per hour.’ And I said ‘Yeah I’m driving 90 miles per hour to get away from you because you’re crazy and you’re scaring me.’ I’m like ‘What are you doing?’ so then he’s like ‘License and insurance right now’ and I’m like ‘Ok.’”

Ocampo said his demeanor changed when he noticed her son sleeping in the backseat.

“He comes back out to the car and he says ‘It’s your lucky day. My sirens and my lights aren’t working and I don’t have any tickets in my vehicle,’” Ocampo said. “And then he said ‘I apologize’ and I said ‘Well I’m sorry too I don’t even know what happened.’ And then he smiled at me and he walked away.”

The California Highway Patrol says it is investigating the incident and confirmed to 10News that the other driver works for Homeland Security.

Ocampo says her car has a flat tire from driving over debris on the side of the road, and that another driver witnessed the exchange but she doesn’t know who they are. She also says the man kept her driver’s license.

“That gun was pointed at me and then he told me he was going to put it in my mouth,” she said. “I’m a mess.”