News Video: Philadelphia Police Officer Suspended After Violent Arrest Caught on Camera


KENSINGTON – Authorities say a Philadelphia police officer has been suspended following a violent arrest back in July.

A video shows Philadelphia Police Officer James Yeager in full uniform body slamming a 21-year-old man to the ground after he was handcuffed as he resisted arrest on the 200 block of East Elkhart in Kensington.
Sources say the man was being arrested for drugs.

According to investigators, the video also shows Yeager picking up the suspect and swinging him into the side of a pool. While police say the man was resisting by swinging and kicking, Commissioner Richard Ross says he did not appear to threaten the officers.

“We can’t resort to that type of behavior just because we’re confronted with resistance. It’s just not within the tenants of what we do. It’s not within our training and it’s not within our policy.”

The woman who shot the video voiced her disgust to FOX 29 last month.

“It makes me angry because nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves any treatment like that,” she said.

Police administration say the 24th District officer is suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss once that time runs out.