No Charges for Cops Who Fired 130 Bullets at Man, Executing Him in His Car



FLORIDA — Police officers who shot 130 at a young man while he was fleeing from them, and injured four bystanders, will not be charged, according to reports.

“All of the officers were justified in the discharge of their firearms,” the report states.

The incident sparked national outrage when police unloaded a hail of gun fire on the street, executing Raymond Herisse, who was only 22.

The police shot a staggering 130 bullets at Raymond.

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In the process, multiple bystanders suffered from injuries.

It began when the officers “stopped” Raymond after the tires on his car burned out.

As they confronted him in his car, they claim Raymond reached “over the passenger side seat.”

Presumably he reached to the passenger side of his vehicle to grab his registration an proof of insurance, but whatever the case, the police at that point engaged him physically.

Raymond was reported to have jerked his arm away from the police — it sounds like the young man was simply scared of being attacked by police and his body reacted instinctively.

Police ended up drawing their weapons and firing 130 bullets at Raymond as he sat in his car, penetrating him 16 times and killing him on the scene.

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Police later claimed that “they found” a firearm under the seat of Raymond’s car.

Assuming the firearm was not planted by police themselves, there is still no evidence that Herisse used it against police.

The slaying resulted in numerous lawsuits by Raymond’s family.

“Raymond did not shoot a gun at any officer,” said the family’s attorney.

The slaying was captured on a witness’s cell phone camera.

The shooting took place on May 30th 2011.

Watch raw footage below: