No Charges for Plainclothes Officer Who Put Mother in a Headlock, Punched and Choked Her


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SIOUX CITY — A judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit brought by a woman shown on camera being forcefully arrested by a Sioux City police officer in 2011.

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett ruled Thursday that DaCosta Daniels did not present enough evidence that Officer Joshua Tyler used unreasonable force during an arrest in the 1400 block of McDonald Street on Aug. 8, 2011.

The incident was captured on a police car dashboard camera.

In the video, Daniels is told not to use her cellphone.

She refuses, sparking a struggle with the police officer.

The footage shows Daniels being put into a headlock and hit in the side multiple times after she lunged at the officer.

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The judge’s findings say the incident happened after Tyler saw Daniels’ fiance, who was barred from driving, operating a rental car.



By the time officers caught up to the vehicle, it was parked outside a house and Daniels was in the driver’s seat.

Daniels denied the man was driving.

Daniels sued Tyler and the city and named the Sioux City school district as a defendant for allowing a video of the incident to be shown to a class that included her daughter.

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