NYPD Detective Admits Helping Brooklyn-Based Drug Ring

MINEOLA, N.Y. – Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas announced that a retired NYPD narcotics detective pleaded guilty on July 10th for her role in a large-scale heroin ring that operated in Nassau, Queens and Brooklyn.

Karan Young, 50, of Laurelton, Queens, pled guilty yesterday before Judge Robert Schwartz to Conspiracy in the Fourth Degree . The defendant is due back in court August 27 and is expected to be sentenced to probation. The NCDA recommended 1-1/3 to four years in prison.

“This retired narcotics detective knew the deadly impact of heroin yet she helped her boyfriend profit from dealing poison in our communities,” DA Singas said. “Anyone who enables the drug traffickers who fuel this epidemic should expect to be met with aggressive prosecution.”

DA Singas said that, per the 12-count indictment, the NCDA began investigating a Hempstead-based heroin dealer in January 2016. The investigation revealed that the dealer was supplied by a Bushwick-based narcotics operation led by Leigh Jackson a/k/a Chris.

Jackson and other members of the Bushwick-based distribution network, packaged and sold heroin in sleeves and grams to various drug dealers in Nassau, Queens and Brooklyn and used barber shops and auto body shops in Brooklyn as distribution points.

Jackson’s long-time romantic partner, Karan Young, is a retired NYPD detective formerly assigned to the Narcotics Bureau. Young assisted Jackson in his narcotics distribution business by collecting money for him. At the time of her arrest Young was working for Delta Airlines at LaGuardia Airport. During her plea, she admitted to providing Jackson with a mini-NYPD shield and PBA card to help him avoid detection by law enforcement while he transported narcotics.

The 14 defendants distributed more than 23,000 doses of heroin a week and conservatively sold approximately $170,000 a week of the narcotic.

Source: https://www.newyorktrib.com/crime/07/12/2018/ex-nypd-detective-admits-helping-brooklyn-based-drug-ring/