NYPD ‘Honored’ Detective With Coin Commemorating Four ‘Justified Kills’

9 Nov 2015

Just when you thought the NYPD couldn’t get any more disturbing, word has just leaked about a commemorative coin given to a detective, for four “justified kills.”

Cassandra Fairbanks reports for Addicting Info, that the “challenge coin” was given “to honor a NYPD Detective for the four people he has killed during his career is apparently being sold online.”

The proceeds, the NYPD tried to justify, “will go to the families of fallen police officers.”

In various branches of the U.S. military, these sorts of “challenge coins” are given for special achievements or training. Personally, I was given coins of this nature for training seminars I co-lead with one of my martial arts instructors. Both the Navy and Marines offered us coins like this that today sit in a drawer in my office.

But the NYPD didn’t offer this coin for anything like that. Instead of being branded with an “organization’s insignia or emblem to prove membership or to enhance morale,” this coin seems to revel in the deaths of four people, showing four skulls with bullet holes in them.

Fairbanks notes a posting from July to a police-oriented message board, with the subject “Thee Rant”. That post has been uncovered by New York City based writer and activist Keegan Stephan. It “appears to be advertising commemorative coins for a NYPD Detective killing four people. They feature four skulls to represent the dead.”

Fairbanks notes that “Thee Rant is typically filled with hateful posts by members of the NYPD about victims of police violence.”

The Challenge Coin post, in particular, says the following:

A challenge coin has been struck to commemorate Det. Ralph Friedman’s service in the NYPD. The coin was made by the Empire Coin Company. Ralph is contributing all proceeds to NYPD detectives and cops’ widows and dependent children, which is the only way he would give permission to produce this coin.

The pictures you see here don’t come close to doing the coin justice. This is a weighty piece, alternatively high polish and brushed metal measuring 2″ across. One side has Ralph’s 2 shields and commands, while the rear exhibits 4 death-heads symbolizing the number of lives he took in the line of duty, Ralph’s rank and name, plus dates of service.

A reply post to this, adds:

The first rendering of 500 coins were sold out in two days. The second rendering will be sold shortly and the coin company is taking orders. Contact damian.korman@gmail.com

Coins are $10 plus shipping. All proceeds donated by Ralph to NYPD detectives and cops’ widows and orphans.

Keegan Stephan said that in order to post on Thee Rant you have to actually be a member of the NYPD.

Fairbanks notes that Friedman, 66, the detective who this coin was given to, “is the most decorated police officer in NYPD history.”

The New York Post, says that he has been involved 15 “gun battles”. In those, he has gunned down eight people, including the aforementioned four deaths.

Friedman said the following about these killings to the Post: “I was never traumatized, I never felt bad. I felt I saved my life or someone else’s life.”

Fairbanks notes that Friedman has “received 219 NYPD awards, 36 civilian honors, and arrested more than 2,000 people, 105 of which were while he was off-duty.”

What do you think about this “challenge coin”, given to Detective Friedman?

Source: http://truthfight.com/nypd-honored-detective-coin-commemorating-four-justified-kills/