NYPD Probes ‘Racist Cop’ Who Busted Up Neighborhood BBQ

The NYPD has opened an investigation into a YouTube video that claims a “racist cop” busted up a Manhattan street cookout — dumping a large jug of water over an open top grill mid-barbecue to the dismay of hungry gatherers, police said.

The one-minute video titled, “Racist cop pours water on cookout grill and denies black children of food,” shows the cop walk over to the three-legged charcoal grill with the container of water in hand the as a man cooks up food on it on a sidewalk in Harlem.

“The food is coming, look,” the griller says just before the cop pours the water on top of it.

“You wildin’ officer! You wildlin’, yo!” someone can be heard saying, as the cop continues to saturate the grill with white smoke billowing into the air.

“You’re on some real disrespectful sh-t,” the man says to the cop.

Other cookout attendees can be heard shouting in background.

The officer is then seen walking away from the scene with his partner – and appears to get hit by a plastic bottle in the process.

“You feel better? You feel better now?” another person attending the cookout says to the cop.

A man says to the officer: “There’s kids out here and everything…that’s crazy,” as four children are then seen in the frame of the video.

The cop can be heard asking the man recording the incident to “show me the video, please. I would like to see it,” before it ends.

An NYPD spokesman told The Post Tuesday: “The Commanding Officer of the 28th Precinct has been made aware of the video and is conducting an investigation.”

According to the New York City fire code, “portable outdoor barbecues shall not be stored or used within 10 feet of any combustible waste, combustible material, or any combustible building surface, including combustible roofs and decks.”

An open flame is “not permitted” on a city sidewalk, an FDNY spokesman said.

Source: http://nypost.com