Officer Beats and Kicks Handcuffed Military Veteran, Drags His Body Through the Dirt (Video)



ORLANDO — Disturbing body cam footage has surfaced online showing an Officer punching, beating, kicking, and dragging an innocent handcuffed Air Force Veteran through the dirt, showing the ultimate sign of disrespect.

The veteran was handcuffed and could not even defend himself.

The video clearly shows that the veteran was not resisting and was handcuffed facedown on his stomach when Officer William Escobar kicks him close to the genitals and begins dragging his body on the ground.

Moments earlier, Officer Escobar’s partner, Officer Williams, had pepper sprayed the man and pointed a loaded gun at him, according to reports.

The incident occurred when Refus Holloway, a five year Air Force Veteran, attempted to display his identification to Officer Escobar.

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Holloway had been trying to break up a fight and was not being threatening toward the officers, according to witnesses.

Officer Escobar has been charged with two counts of battery and two counts of perjury since the beating took place.

“I’m happy that God’s been watching me this whole time,” said Holloway.

“I could have gotten shot by the officers by being too nervous. I could have gotten severely beaten. I could have gotten into, you know, different turns that situation could have taken,” he added.

It turns out that one of the officers watching the beating take place was wearing a body cam.

Disturbingly, the officer begins turning his body away from where the beating was happening, apparently in an attempt to not let viewers see what was happening.

Moments before turning away the officer with the body cam can be heard screaming “Escobar! Escobar!” as if to warn Officer Escobar that the abuse was being caught by the camera.

Perhaps this is one of the fabled “good cops” who does nothing but stand and watch and cover-up while his partners abuse innocent citizens.

Holloway, for his part, is angered that none of the other officers stepped in to stop Officer Escobar from pounding him.

“That’s what my whole disappointment is about this. They allowed it to happen,” he said.

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Holloway’s attorney has filed a lawsuit against Officer Escobar and Officer Williams.

Officer Williams is the one who kicked Holloway and pointed a loaded gun at him and has not been punished, according to reports.

Watch the video below:

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