Officer Begins Strangling Woman “Being Loud”

The police chief of a town called Pepperell in Massachusetts is hoping that citizens are nothing short of proud of the local police department.

According to David Scott, as soon as the authorities became aware of former sergeant Armando Herrera of using excessive force in an incident – which took place within the bounds of Pepperell police station – they initiated an investigation and put the 53-year-old on administrative leave.

He also mentioned that the cop voluntarily resigned and severed all ties with the department shortly after the police department’s investigation came to an end.

Scott revealed this information on Thursday last week a day after Herrera was arraigned.

The incident

On September 7 this year the Pepperell police placed a woman in protective custody because she was excessively intoxicated. She was brought to the station for a well-being assessment.

Herrera is the one who booked her. He moved her to a close by cell and locked her.
The woman, for reasons unknown, began being loud inside.

This is when the enraged Sergeant used a key to unlock a cell, went inside and began to throttle the woman – he did not stop until another officer interfered.

He then went on to file a report, which was significantly different to what had actually happened.

It is not clear how the authorities became aware of Herrera’s mistreatment.

The ex-cop faces charges of strangulation, willfully misleading the police in a criminal investigation and filing a false written report.

The police chief says civilians should have no cause for concern as this is strictly a one-off happening.

"It was identified internally by the police department and investigated immediately with the high level of professionalism you expect from your police department.

This has been a difficult time for our department and its dedicated members and we thank you for your continued support for the police officers and the department," he said.