Officer Charged With Murder After Shooting 15-yo Child to Death

officer-oliver jordan edwards


05/06/17 | TEXAS — The police officer who shot a 15-yr-old last weekend has now been charged with murder.

The victim was leaving a party at the time, and posed no threat to the officers, according to reports.

The official story, initially, was that the officer shot into a car that the teen was inside, because the car was driving toward the officer and threatening his life.

That story turned out to be false once footage of the incident was made available, reports say.

Officer Roy Oliver is expected to be brought in now that a judge authorized a warrant on a murder charge on May 5.

There is a $300,000 bond.

He fired into a car full of children as they were trying to leave a party, and killed 15-yr-old Jordan Edwards, according to reports.

If Officer Oliver is found guilty on the charge of murder, he may face life in prison.

This article will be updated as more details are made available.

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