Officer Digs Mentally Ill Man’s Eye Out of His Socket, Calls Him “N****r”


FLORIDA — A deeply unsettling report has been leaked according to which an officer used his finger to rip out a citizen’s eyeball.

The citizen, Kelly Bradley, was in a jail cell at the time, hiding underneath a blanket.

He was not trying to fight with the five officers who barged into the cell for an inmate extraction.

The officers piled onto his body and held him facedown on the ground.

Officer William Hamilton Wilson then did the unthinkable.

He brought his index finger to the Kelly’s eye and begin pushing it in.

As he pushed his finger into Kelly’s, he began curling it outwards in a digging motion.

As Officer Wilson continued digging deep into Kelly’s eye socket, the other officers restrained Kelly’s wrists and ankles with cuffs.

Officer Wilson, who dug out a mentally ill man’s eye.

Officer William did not stop digging until Kelly’s eyeball was completely ripped out and dangling onto his cheek.

Captain Scott Anderson saw what happened to Kelly and asked the officers to explain it, but all of them were silent — as if they didn’t know.

Scott Anderson then had the blood cleaned out of the cell.

Officer Pisciotta was part of the five officers who extracted Kelly from his cell.

Kelly was a victim of mental illness and suffered from schizophrenia.

“This inmate was cowering under a blanket in the corner of his cell,” said Pisciotta in a testimony.

“He was an older man, very frail and mentally ill. He wasn’t trying to fight anybody. He was just scared. He was no threat to anyone,” Pisciotta added.

Pisciotta then remarked about the fact that none of the officers explained to the Captain what actually happened, and covered for each other.

“I knew that it was morally wrong. They wanted us to prepare statements and not say anything. I told them I just couldn’t go along with it,” said Pisciotta.

After testifying against Officer Wilson for digging the eye out, Officer Pisciotta was of course fired, and he has lost nearly everything he once had.

“I knew once I did the right thing, and I stepped forward…my career would be over. It’s something you don’t do. You don’t go against other officers. Because my life has been a living hell ever since,” he said.

Officer Wilson was eventually charged and served a mere five years — he has since been released.

The other officers mostly received promotions.

Pisciotta testified that Officer Wilson kept “digging and digging” into Kelly’s eye socket.

Some of the officers then conspired to tell medical staff that Kelly had gouged his own eye out.

Later, as the officers were washing blood off their costumes, Pisciotta told Officer Wilson that he “wasn’t going along with it.”

He said that Wilson responded with racism:

“Come on, he’s just a fucking nigger! What do you care?” said Officer Wilson after having ripped the man’s eye out, according to Pisciotta’s testimony.

“He thought it was funny,” said Pisciotta.

After testifying against Officer Wilson, Pisciotta’s home was spray painted with “COWARD” in black paint. Wires in his car were cut to sabotage him.

Kelly has since been fitted with a prosthetic eye.

Officer Wilson is now a free man.

Can you imagine how it would feel to have five officers pinning your body down, and then feeling one of them literally dig his finger into your eye until it pops out?