Officer Found Not Guilty After Footage Shows Him Punch Teen Girl in the Face, Twice

05/05/17| ST. PAUL, MN — An officer has been found not guilty after video emerged showing him punch a handcuffed teenager.

Officer Michael Soucheray can be heard in the video calling the girl a “f***ing b***h” and was placed on administrative leave when the footage was reviewed.

The girl was apparently suicidal and when officers tried to take her to a hospital, she refused to go.

Evidently she spat on Officer Soucheray at some point during the interaction.

It was around this point that Officer Sourcheray grabbed the 14-yr-old girl by her neck and delivered to blows to her face.

Though he was acquitted of the charges and is still working for the police department, the St Paul Police Chief said the following a statement:

““I am deeply disappointed by what the video shows. The officer’s actions do not in any way, shape or form reflect, or align with, our values, expectations or mission.”

Watch the video below: