Officer Masturbated in Public With Loaded Gun, Claimed He Was “On the Job”: Reports


BOSTON, MA — A Boston police detective, with 19 years of service under his belt, has been placed on administrative leave following allegations that he was conducting an indecent act in broad daylight in a public space.

The 45-year-old officer Seth Richard has been with the department for around 19 years.

The incident unfolded on the after police responded to a call on a humid afternoon of August 19.

The caller reported a naked man masturbating outside his SUV at Spring Hill Suites.

Police managed to identify the SUV on River Road.

Officer Joseph Magliozzi, who questioned the veteran officer, said he found the man in an unkempt condition.

Not only this, but he seemed cagey and nervous and seemed to be vague in responding to questions.

He was also armed at the time.

He had a glock, a badge, and some court documents resting on the passenger’s seat.

When asked where he was going, he reportedly claimed that he was “on the job.”

Really? Public masturbation counts as “on the job” now?

The investigating officer added Seth stated that he could “love everything.”

Seth’s identity was confirmed when a witness verified that he was indeed the man masturbating in the Spring Hill Suites parking lot.

Public opinion seems to be divided on the issue, with one faction arguing that police officers should be held to the same rigorous standards as civilians.

While others believe that although Seth’s actions were immoral, at least he was not perpetrating sexual violence against someone else.

Nonetheless, one thing is for sure: the public agrees this is unacceptable behavior.

Especially from a member of law enforcement, who gets paid with our tax dollars to “serve and protect” us.
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