Officer Suspected in Rape of His Own Family and Murder

UPDATE (6-6-15) Officer Aguirre Now Charged With First-Degree Murder

The girl was killed over 30 years ago.

Officer Aguirre might have figured he’d never be charged for it after all these years.

But God or Karma or the Cosmos — whatever you want to call it —  has a way of bringing things back around, in this life or the next.

Here’s the video detailing his charges:

Continue reading below for full story:

PASCO, WA — What started out as bad news has now become an absolute horror story, as an Officer who people thought was a “good cop” may be involved in rape and murder.

“I’m just shocked. I just thought he was a nice guy,” says Adriana Barreras, who used to get visits from the officer at her coffee stand.

“He was never being weird or creepy. You think somebody’s one way but they’re really not,” she added.

The nice guy image has been shattered, as reports have surfaced according to which Officer Aguirre raped one of his own family members.

The female needed a place to sleep and because Officer Aguirre had only one bed, he inclined her to share the bed with him.

Apparently the female, whose name has been concealed to protect her identity, had shared the bed in the past with Officer Aguirre, thinking nothing of it since they were family.

But on this particular night, the unthinkable happened.

She was sound asleep when suddenly she awoke to the feeling of Officer Aguirre’s wet lips rubbing against her, she said.

She then felt him thrusting his genitals against her, according to reports.

Confused and startled, she grabbed his face and said “Who are you?!”

She says that at that point Officer Aguirre had put his mouth on her vagina and panties.

She managed to escape him and she texted one of her male friends immediately, telling him what happened.

The male friend confronted Aguirre on it, and Aguirre insisted that nothing sexual happened.

Due to the woman’s testimony and report, Officer Aguirre was made to submit a voluntary DNA sample for testing.

Investigators also took the woman’s panties as evidence.

Sure enough, they found that the DNA from the saliva on the panties was consistent with the DNA profile of Officer Aguirre.

And it only gets worse.

Once investigators had Officer Aguirre’s DNA in their system, they were surprised to see that it matched saliva found on a female murder victim named Ruby Doss in 1986.

The new discovery has caused some to question whether Officer Aguirre murdered the woman and has since kept it a secret all these years.

What started out as a reported rape of his own family member has now ballooned into a suspicion of murder.

Officer Aguirre, of course, denies both the rape and the murder.

So far Officer Aguirre has not been arrested, and he is expected to appear in court on Tuesday to face the rape charge.

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