Officer Suspended With Pay After Forcing Teen Girl Into His Car and Fondling Her: Reports

MIAMI, FL — Officer Alexi Figueroa has been arrested on charges of false imprisonment and simple battery, according to reports.

The charges spring from an incident where he reportedly forced a teenage girl into his police car and began fondling her.

It began when the 19-yr-old girl was on her way home from a nearby store.

At some point during her walk home, Officer Figueroa pulled up to her in his vehicle.

He gave her orders to get inside of the vehicle, which she obeyed, reports say.

Had she defied his orders, one wonders what Officer Figueroa intended to do in response.

Once she was inside the vehicle in the passenger seat, Officer Figueroa began inserting his hand into her shirt and making his way underneath her bra, according to reports.

The girl at some point exited the vehicle and went to the police department to report what happened.

Through photographs and phone records investigators were able to corroborate the girl’s report.

Officer Figueroa has been relieved of duty (while still being paid) pending an internal investigation.

Watch the video below: