Officers Shoot Dog to Death Even Though it Was Behind a Wall


Edward Wheeler is still upset.

He lost his dog Miracle around this time of the year in 2013, she was by herself guarding her owner’s home in North Las Vegas.

Perhaps, if the two-year-old pit bull died a natural death he would not have been so distressed.

Instead, Miracle was shot by a policeman who was at the neighboring property to serve a search warrant.

The two premises are separated by a cinder-block wall, which Miracle would have never been able to climb according to her owner.

It seems the gun was pointed from above and the bullet went through her left ear and came out where her jaw hinges.
Wheeler said when he came back home to see what had happened to his dearly loved Miracle, he says, he was out of control.

“I lost it that night. I was fit to be tied,” he claims.

What is even more upsetting for him is that his neighbors also have a pit bull that is still alive.

He says there were many things the police could have done to control Miracle if she was getting in the way. They could have used rubber bullets, Taser or simply commanded her to lay down.

Wheeler has filed a lawsuit against North Las Vegas and Henderson police.

This is not the first time the police have come under scrutiny for shooting a dog.

However, Wheeler’s attorney Maggie McLetchie says it’s possibly one of the worst errors in judgment by a cop when it comes to killing a pet.

She says it is disappointing that Miracle was shot when the people who being served actually lived next door.

Already this year the city has paid $25,000 for a civil rights lawsuit that was filed in 2008 after police officers shot two dogs while serving a search warrant.

The dogs, also pit bulls, were shot as they ran towards the backyard away from the officers of the North Las Vegas SWAT officers.

Wheeler’s lawsuit also points to a serious or lacking in the police and SWAT officers. The document states that neither are appropriately trained handle dogs during an operation.

They end up shooting dogs that look like pit bulls due to unreasonable panic as well as the lack of proper training.

Watch the video below:

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