Ohio Corrections Officer in Police Custody For Sexually Assaulting Inmates

Larry D. Tucker

ASHLAND, Ohio — A former corrections officer for the Middleport Jail was arrested on Saturday in Ashland, Ohio, according to an inmate listing for the Ashland County Jail.

Larry D. Tucker, 55, of Meigs County, was booked into the jail on May 5, on what is listed as “hold for another jurisdiction.” Specifics of the charges or possible bond are not listed.

Tucker is facing 28 charges after investigators say he sexually assaulted at least ten women in his custody as a corrections officer.

Tucker was initially charged in November 2017 with a single count of sexual battery for alleged sexual conduct with a female inmate during his time as a corrections officer. He had been free on his own recognizance since making an initial appearance in Meigs County Court before Judge Steve Story.

There has been no update to the case since late November when the case was bound over to common pleas court for grand jury consideration.

Special Prosecutor Angela Canepa represents the state in the case.

A special grand jury was reportedly held last week in the county with Canepa seen in the courthouse on Thursday.

No paperwork was available in the Clerk of Courts office either Thursday or Friday involving Tucker and there is no case listing on the office’s website regarding a case against Tucker.

“This is still an open case. We have no additional comment at this time,” stated Jill Del Greco spokesperson for the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in an email on Thursday afternoon when asked about the case.

A response has not been received to a followup email sent to Del Greco following Tucker’s arrest.

Tucker’s employment with the Middleport jail was terminated following his initial charge. He was also an employee of Meigs County Common Pleas Court, including work as a probation officer and bailiff. He has also been removed from that position.

Additionally, Tucker is a member of the Meigs Local Board of Education and has been asked to stay off school property by the district.

In a statement in November, Meigs Supt. Scot Gheen explained that the district does not have the same kind of disciplinary authority available as board members are elected officials. Gheen further stated that the allegation being made does not involve the district, students or staff of Meigs Local.

Source: http://www.mydailysentinel.com/news/26203/ex-corrections-officer-in-police-custody