Ohio Deputy Chases His Cruiser as it Rolls Away at Traffic Stop


Dashcam video showed an Ohio deputy in a hot pursuit–chasing down his cruiser after it rolled away from him at a routine traffic stop.

“Whoo,” the deputy with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office was heard saying after he corraled the runaway vehicle.

“I bet that don’t happen every day,” said the driver who was pulled over–and waited for the deputy to return.

“Never happened before, but thank God,” the deputy said.

The deputy apparently left the cruiser in gear.

It happened Saturday near Troy, WHIO-TV reports.

The video shows the cruiser slowly rolling backwards as the deputy is conducting the traffic stop, the station reported.

At first the deputy didn’t notice.

When he finally did, he was seen sprinting towards the vehicle.

The station aired another video showing the deputy catching up to the vehicle, climbing in and stepping on the brake.

That video was shot by another driver stopped nearby at an intersection, the station reported.

Sheriff Dave Duchak told WHIO that he was thankful no one was hurt.

“The fact that many citizens have been supportive of the deputy has not gone unnoticed and is appreciated,” he said. “Although, as a professional office we strive for precision in such matters, I also recognize that human error may occur.”

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