Oklahoma City Police Officer Arrested For Domestic Abuse


An investigation into a June domestic violence incident between two Oklahoma City officers has led to complaints against one officer being dismissed and the other officer arrested.

On June 6, police responded to a domestic violence call about 11 p.m. At the scene, officers found Sgt. Donald Glynn Brewer, 44, and officer Kristi Brewer, 28, with injuries from an altercation.

Maj. Paco Balderrama told The Oklahoman on June 7 that the couple had been in an argument which escalated to a physical fight. Balderrama said that Kristi Brewer had allegedly struck her husband in the head with a curling iron and she was arrested on assault complaints.

Investigators from the Domestic Abuse Unit recently completed their investigation and additional evidence led them to think that Donald Glynn Brewer, an 18-year-veteran with the Oklahoma City Police Department, was the aggressor in the incident.

Complaints against Kristi Brewer were dropped and an arrest warrant was issued for her husband, who was arrested Friday night. He is being held without bail in the Oklahoma County jail on a complaint of domestic abuse by strangulation.

Officers said the couple’s 4-year-old child was present during the altercation.

Kristi Brewer filed for divorce on June 9. Court records show the couple had been married less than a year.