On-Duty Officer Sells Drugs to Undercover FBI Agent, Admits He Is “A Better Criminal Than He Is a Cop”


Max Chantha | December 17, 2015

INDIANA – Officer Donald Johnson of the Anderson police department hoped to curry the favor of some female acquaintances when he offered to sell them drugs.

Little did he know, his reward would be arrest and facing 15 years in prison.

The drug peddling officer’s troubles began when he made overt sexual advances towards a confidential informant, after bribing her with drugs.

Johnson forced the informant to touch his genitals, despite her protests – all of which occurred inside his marked squad car.

Though most informants seem to be unquestioning lackeys of modern American law enforcement, this unnamed female did not take kindly to being exploited at the hands of the cop.

After complaining to the department, her case was taken to FBI investigators, who decided an undercover female agent would accompany the informant on her next meet up with Johnson.

Earlier this month, Johnson’s vehicle was spotted by the informant and agent in a gas station parking lot, and an impromptu sting was launched.

The two women spoke with Johnson, implying that they would be partying later that evening, but with more than just alcohol.

This prompted the sexually predatory Johnson to offer them prescription pills like Xanax and Hydrocodone, which, though legal with a prescription, are illegal to sell otherwise.

After the women expressed distrust in Johnson and law enforcement in general, the drug dealing officer not only admitted he was “a better criminal than he is a cop,” but also that he was involved in blatant corruption and enjoyed indulging in the drugs he also sold.

The women then gave him enough money for 15 Xanax pills, which he brought to them at a bar later that evening.

He was arrested the very next day.

Watch the video below:

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