Paris Burns: Violent ‘May Day’ Riots Erupt in France [Video]

PARIS, FRANCE — Violent clashes erupted in Paris as May Day protests devolved into riots and looting.

Officers responding to the protesters were met with molotov cocktails, glass bottles and stones.

At one point several officers were seen encased in flames as they were within range of molotov cocktails.

Most of the protesters were peaceful, but a fraction of them broke off into a separate group and escalated the demonstration into acts of vandalism and rioting.

So far, four police officers have been injured, and several protesters arrested.

The protesters were gathered not only for May Day but to voice dissent over the fact that they are having to choose between two presidential candidates both of whom they view as flawed.

The election in France is just days away. Le Pen, a nationalist, has pledged to curb immigration while Macron, her pro-globalization opponent has vowed to keep France’s borders open.

The issue has deeply divided the nation and police are ready for further escalations of violence regardless of who wins.

Watch the videos below: