Pastor DEFIES Cop’s Orders, Saves Casket Drifting Away In Flood



SOUTH CAROLINA — In an incredible act of bravery, an elderly pastor jumped into a flooded area to save bodies that were drifting away.

“That’s somebody’s family out there!” said Pastor Wayne H. Reeves.

Moments before he saved the bodies, police apparently told him he wasn’t allowed to, according to reports.

But he did what was necessary anyway.

“They had their family out there popping up out of the ground and I think it’s the human thing to do,” said Pastor Reeves.

Pastor Reeves went right into the water which was about waist-deep and started rescuing the bodies in caskets.

This occurred during a massive flood in Ridgeville that caused caskets from a nearby cemetery to pop up from the ground.

Two of the caskets that were saved actually belonged to a husband and wife who both died. Pastor Reeves ensured that they were saved rather than destroyed.

This is a testament to the human spirit.

This man did what was right, regardless of what the “law enforcer” said.

“This family doesn’t want to sit out on the edge of the road all night long watching their family members bob in the water out there. That’s just not who we are,” Pastor Reeves continued.

An epic image shows pastor Reeves, who is a white man, working side-by-side with a black man to save the casket, while a cop stands in the distance and merely watches, happily receiving taxpayer money.

It wasn’t until after the men were seen working together to save the casket that the cops finally went in — coddled together in boats — and retrieved the second casket.

This humble pastor has more integrity and courage than many, perhaps most, cops today.

It brings to mind the fundamental distinction between what is right, and what the law says. The two often contradict each other.

When they do, we should always do what is right.

As for busy-bodies and order-followers in government costumes who try to prevent us from doing the right thing, to hell with them.

Watch the video below: