‘Pathetic’ Albuquerque Police Sued Yet Again By Kidnapped Victim


The beleaguered Albuquerque Police Department has been sued again, this time by a kidnap victim who says officers didn’t even bother to knock on the door the second time she called 911 for help.

Jacquelyn Barela sued the city, the police and Officers Timothy Wolffbrandt and Daniel Galvan on May 23 in Bernalillo County Court.

Barela claims that Tito Fajardo and Mary Lou Hern kidnapped her and kept her hogtied and in chains for nearly two weeks, until she got ahold of a phone and called 911, telling the dispatcher their names and where they were holding her.

Fajardo pleaded guilty to aggravated battery, false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a firearm by a felon. He is serving 3 years of a 7-year sentence, to be followed by 4 years of probation.

Hern pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit false imprisonment and was sentenced to 18 days in jail and 18 months of probation.

Barela says in the lawsuit that Officers Wolffbrandt and Galvan went to the address, but when no one answered their knocks at the door and they saw nothing by looking into windows, they left.

Barela says she called 911 again and told the dispatcher her captors had turned off the lights and were refusing to answer the door, and pleaded again to be rescued.

Wolffbrandt and Galvan returned to the neighborhood, but Barela says that rather than search the house, they chatted with neighbors, saying they were investigating a claim of a woman being held captive, then wandered to a nearby address to investigate a pair of stolen cars and perform an arrest.

Barela says that on their second visit, the officers didn’t even knock on the door.

According to the complaint, the officers told a group of neighbors — which included Mary Lou Hern — that they had received calls from a woman claiming to be held prisoner and seeking rescue. As a result of Hern’s learning that, Barela says, she was severely beaten, raped, and had her head shaved for being a “rat.”

Barela says she escaped the next day, without police assistance, and Fajardo and Hern were arrested.

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