Pentagon Now Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown


A Pentagon research program from the Department of Defense is now funding universities to help law enforcement officials prepare for “civil unrest” on a massive scale.

In the wake of so much police brutality and loss of confidence in the government, many citizens are becoming more radicalized and sophisticated in their approach to activism.

This could help explain why the Pentagon feels that civil unrest is on the horizon and is now preparing for it.

This research program in particular is paying universities to provide models of the risks and catalysts involved in areas of civil disruption globally.

It is being overseen by a variety of military agencies.

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The program is costing taxpayers millions, and is designed to give top-level military and law enforcement officials insight into how to make the best decisions when they respond to the unrest.

From the period of 2014 to 2017 the Air Force Office of Scientific Research has been led by Cornell University in modelling social movements and “contagions.”

This will allow them to pin-point the moment when masses are ready to revolt, apparently.

They are studying the “digital traces” of contagions that preceded the Egyptian revolution among others.

Of particular interest is that they are looking deeply into how social media affects the catalysts for social insurrections and unrest.

Social media conversations are said to be “examined” in order to identify the specific individuals who are involved in movement and when such individuals are mobilized.

They are looking at non-violent activists in particular.

They think that individuals who support political violence but do not participate in it themselves are one of the groups to be closely monitored.

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Many also suspect that due to the unprecedented nature of this election season, there might be a massive “October survive” that could disrupt the entire political and cultural system.

It stands to reason: if the Pentagon is preparing, you should probably be prepared too.

Stay vigilant, talk to your neighbors, and be resourceful.