Philadelphia District Attorney Sent to Prison in Oklahoma

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia’s former top prosecutor has been moved to a federal prison in Oklahoma to serve his five-year sentence for accepting a bribe.

At Seth Williams’ sentencing on October 24, a federal judge said the former DA sold his office to “parasites” and ordered Williams jailed immediately.

He’s been in a small Philadelphia prison cell ever since.

Williams pleaded guilty in June to one count of accepting a bribe from a businessman.

On Monday, his lawyers said he was moved to the federal lockup in Oklahoma City, however, they said they think he’ll eventually be moved to Morgantown, West Virginia, to finish his term.

Morgantown is home to a minimum-security prison, about a five-hour drive from Philadelphia.

Williams’ release date is set for November 2021.

The two-term Democrat was the city’s first black DA.