Philadelphia Police Union Head Defends Nazi Cop, Calls BLM a ‘Pack of Rabid Animals’

Oh, and about that officer who had the Nazi tattoo—obviously not an animal in McNesby’s mind.

According to another HuffPo report, last September, Officer Ian Hans Lichtermann was caught on social media with what looked to be part of the official insignia of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Party on his arm: an eagle with outstretched wings, topped by the word “Fatherland.”

Other fun facts: In 2010, Lichtermann’s name showed up in a hacked database of visitors to neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites, and research by the anti-fascist website Philly Antifa shows photos of Lichtermann dressing up as a Nazi to participate in historical re-enactments.

Of this guy McNesby said, “I’ve seen [the tattoo photo]. It’s an eagle. Not a big deal.”

Mayor Kenney, however, called the tattoo “deeply offensive.”

By the way, that officer—the Nazi—is still policing the streets of Philadelphia, as is the guy who shot two people in the back.


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  • Jason Douglas Saville

    John McNesby, the Philadelphia NAZI motherfucker, ought to be put to death! We have already voted to put President Donald Trump under Death Penalty.