Philippine President Denounces Police as “Corrupt,” Dismisses 100 Officers for Using Drugs

Occasionally it is good to know what is happening in police forces outside of the US, if for no other reason than to offer a point of comparison.

This week’s news comes from the Philippines, where departments were just gutted: at least 100 police officers were fully dismissed after it was discovered they were using drugs.

The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has denounced the police force as “corrupt to the core.”

Reuters reports as follows:

The Philippine police have sacked nearly 100 policemen since the start of the year because they were found to be drug users, a top official said on Saturday, in a clean-up of the ranks after President Rodrigo Duterte halted police anti-drug operations…

Ninety police officers have been fired since the start of the year and nine were removed last year, Internal Affairs Service Inspector General Alfegar Triambulo said in comments broadcast on ANC TV.

“Those caught using illegal drugs, according to the civil service rules, must be dismissed…that is a grave offence,” he said, adding that he had promised the chief of police that he would quickly resolve outstanding cases.

Triambulo said he would recommend next week the dismissal of 40 more policemen to the chief of police.

Last month, Duterte denounced the police as “corrupt to the core” and suspended their role in anti-drug operations, although he vowed to forge ahead with the drug campaign.

Human rights groups suspect many of the killings being investigated were committed by vigilantes or hitmen supported by the police.

The Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency has been put in charge of anti-drug operations and Duterte has also raised the possibility of getting the military to help.