Phillipsburg Police Officer Justin Sanderson Jailed For Raping Two Women


VANDALIA, Ohio – A Phillipsburg police officer is now in jail after raping two women.

According to Vandalia Police, Justin Sanderson was wearing his Phillipsburg Police uniform and had his police cruiser parked at a hotel parking lot at the time of the incident.

One woman filed the sexual assault report Monday, July 3.

Based on this report, two women were sexually assaulted by a man who posed as an Ohio State University police officer.

The report says the three individuals agreed to meet for paid sex at a Knights Inn.

The sexual assault report says the man got a key to the hotel room where the women were staying and forced himself on the two women while wearing a police uniform.

Sanderson is now in the Montgomery County Jail and is being held on one count rape.

The Vandalia Police Department are meeting with prosecutors to review the case.