Police Brutality Prevented Pro-Runner from Competing in Olympics: Lawsuit

“As a result of the excessive force used on [Shay], he was unable to train for the Olympic Trials, which were 3 ½ weeks after the aforementioned incident,” the complaint says.According to the complaint, both officers have been the subject of other excessive force complaints by people in Huntington Beach.

Nick McCann | Courthouse News Service

(CN)  – A long-distance runner lost his chance to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio because Huntington Beach police officers slammed him to the ground and injured his knee and ankle, the athlete claims in court.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Santa Ana, Calif., federal court by brothers Stephan and Nathan Shay. Their older brother Ryan died after collapsing during Olympic marathon trials in 2007.

Several media outlets have profiled Stephan, who lived in a 1960s motor home he called “Lolita” while training last year.

Stephan says he was training for the Olympics in January 2016 when he saw his brother Nathan being detained by two Huntington Beach police officers, who had pulled him over under suspicion of drunk driving.

Nathan took two breath tests that showed he had not consumed any alcohol, according to the complaint.

Stephan claims he began recording his brother’s interaction with Officers Brandon D. Rockett and Daniel M. Subia before they told him to get off the sidewalk and stop filming.

Despite complying with the officers’ orders, the police “brutally grabbed Stephan Shay, threw and slammed him into the ground causing Stephan Shay to sustain injuries to his right shoulder, right knee, right hip, palm of his hand and left ankle,” the complaint says.

The lawsuit adds, “Officers Rockett and Subia also slammed Stephan Shay’s head to the ground causing great pain to the right side of his head. Stephan Shay had bloody lacerations to his entire body.”

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Watch the video below to see Stephan in action before police attacked him: