New Law Will Let Cops Arrest Women for Wearing “Too Short” Shorts


They say everyone has an inner voice, some people hear it louder than others. Then there are those who claim that God speaks to them, answers their prayers if you like.

This certainly seems to be the case with Dadeville City Councilman Frank Goodman.

He says he prayed about people wearing saggy pants and holding them up with a hand in front of them.

“I prayed about this. I know that God would not go around with pants down,” he commented.

So it is little wonder that he is supporting a ban on such profane clothing, as well as rallying for the police in the town to be able to charge people who breach this proposed prohibition.

He expressed his sentiments in a statement that uses the words ‘my’ and ‘I’ quite liberally. Yet, he believes this is in the best interest of everyone who lives in the town.

In a bid to showcase equal treatment city council member Stephanie Kelly says the “Saggy Pants Ordinance”, as it has come to be known, should not leave out women who wear short dresses and booty shorts.

“I think for the girls, with these shorts up so high looking like under garments and dresses so short, I don’t want us to be showing favoritism,” she said in a council meeting.

Councillor Goodman says it’s all about respect.

According to him, a certain style of clothing will never earn high opinion from others, because it shows how little the wearer values themselves.

“If you come to my house you are going to pull them up before you get on my property, much less in my door,” he explained.

City Attorney James Tarpley echoes his colleagues’ sentiments.

In fact, he feels that the decision to promote a more covered dress code has earned that council more support.

“I have heard more favorable positive comments about us even considering this than I have on anything else since  I have been on the council,” he says.

Tarpley added that the saggy pants portion of the proposal was already being worked on; however, it is the section on women’s clothing that would require him to be slightly more creative.
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