Police Caught Planting Guns on Innocent Citizens

throw away guns


WASHINGTON, DC — A disturbing confession by John Elliot, a former Fairfax County police officer, illustrates exactly what happens when cops try to get away with murdering American citizens.

Recall all of the cases you’ve heard of officers shooting someone and moments later conveniently “finding a gun” near the dead person’s body.

In these cases, the victim’s family will typically come forward and state that their dead loved one never had a gun and, in fact, never even owned any guns or knew how to use them.

But once the story of a gun being “found” on the victim is promulgated by the mainstream media, the family’s testimony gets drowned out.

How is it that these guns (sometimes knives) keep showing up on people after being shot by police?

The answer: throw-away weapons.

Throw-aways, or what are sometimes called drop weapons, became very popular in Iraq. Some US troops would carry a few throw-away AKs in their vehicles.

The idea behind having throw-aways is that when you kill an innocent person, you can plant the throw-away weapon on them moments after their death.

This allows you to maintain that the victim — who will now be named a “suspect” by Statist media outlets — was armed, that you had no choice but to shoot him, and that you “feared for your life.”

Quite literally, a throw-away weapon allows you to get away with murder.

Crime scene investigators will show up and take photos of the throw-away weapon planted near the victim’s dead body.

These photos are then circulated in State-controlled media, flashing on the screen for entranced viewers.

Sincere but misguided citizens then take to the internet and defend the cop’s action, saying things like “I’m usually the first to point out police brutality but in this case the guy had a gun! The officer was just defending himself, it was justified.”

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Alas, appearances can be deceiving; in the world of law enforcement, appearances are always deceiving.  What you see is not what you get. And what else would you expect from individuals who receive professional training in how to lie to people?

What we have below, is Officer John Elliot explaining how “many, if not most,” officers carry throw-away weapons on them, so they can plant these weapons on Americans after murdering them.

Elliot considers a scenario in which an officer guns down a citizen with a toy gun. The officer will then take some “precautions” to avoid punishment. It will be instructive to quote him at length, as his explanation of how officers use throw-aways is quite elaborate. As follows:

There would sure to be a judicial review board, followed, at the very minimum, by a lengthy unpaid suspension, a stain on the officer’s perhaps otherwise stellar personnel record, thereby preventing future promotions, perhaps even termination, perhaps even criminal prosecution with the possibility of incarceration. So what were those aforementioned preparations put in place by some very well-meaning veteran officers? Well, many, if not most, carried, what became known as, “throw-away weapons.”

Those weapons had any and all possible serial numbers removed, were impossible to trace back to the officers, and were concealable. The weapons in question ranged from switchblades to daggers, derringers to small caliber two-inch revolvers, to the smallest of semi-automatic pistols, and just about anything else thrown in for good measure. The common denominator was that they could all be used if and when the unimaginable were to happen. In the case of the plastic toy gun, in the frantic seconds after the fact, the throw-away derringer, sans serial numbers, could be substituted for that toy gun, thereby ensuring that disciplinary actions would be prevented. And just where does one acquire such a strange and assorted mix of weapons? Well, if you work on the streets long enough, they just somehow place themselves in your hands. You come across those items on nearly a daily basis, and not all of them get turned over to the evidence division.

Yes, I know, I’m a dinosaur, and I’m relatively sure I couldn’t manage to fit in with today’s new breed of highly trained law enforcement professionals. But just give them a few years out in patrol, and, dollars to donuts, I’ll be willing to bet that a high percentage of them will be carrying throw-away weapons as well.”

Elliot pauses to insist that he does not condone such tactics, but then admits that he also carried multiple throw-aways: “Yes, I carried throw-away weapons. I ended up with a shoebox full of throw-away weapons of just about every description. I still have most of them today, but aside from the occasional switchblade, my favorite was an old 32 caliber Smith and Wesson Model 1 ½ revolver. ”

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Friends, read that twice, carefully, and remember it the next time you hear things like “the suspect was armed so the officer had no choice but to shoot” or “the officer feared for his life.”

A tactic once used against Iraqis during wartime, is now being used on American citizens.

Watch the video of a US troop explaining how to use throw-away weapons:

Watch video of man filming cops talking about planting guns on people: