Police Chief Speaks Out Against Police Shootings

A police chief in Ohio is finally speaking out against fellow officers who kill innocent Americans.

He was particularly referencing the recent shooting of Terence Crutcher, who was executed despite complying with police instructions.

Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw tweeted out criticisms of officers who do not protect human life, and shortly thereafter faced an avalanche of other cops arguing with him.

He has shown courage for placing his rationality and intellect above the cult-concept of the “thin blue line” and for that he is to be saluted.

He tweeted as follows:

As an officer I am so sick and drained of some cops doing things like this. You are making us all look bad. STOP. #TerenceCruthcher

— R_Muterspaw (@RodneyMute) September 20, 2016

And added:

Life is precious man. Sorry we don’t all agree. Compassion and empathy is eternally important. Just sick of seeing death & hate. #Life

— R_Muterspaw (@RodneyMute) September 20, 2016

After receiving backlash for stating the truth, Muterspaw was undaunted.

He replied that he had been in high-risk situations many times and he hasn’t done what we see officers today doing.

@godisgood1961 Been on that type of call/situation over 100x. You don’t shoot for non-compliance. You shoot when UOF escalates. Not hard.

— R_Muterspaw (@RodneyMute) September 20, 2016

He may remind readers of another good cop, Leo Thalassites, who alluded to the fact that cops are too out of shape today, mentally and physically, and that is why they are shooting people so frequently.

@EASTBAYDFRESH @askarsismygod been in that situation 100x….communication, taser, pepper spray…whatever it takes to protect life first

— R_Muterspaw (@RodneyMute) September 20, 2016