Police Chief Turns Himself In For Battering His Wife, Get’s Paid Leave

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Chautauqua County, New York – Chief of police of Chautauqua county, Timothy Wright, has turned himself in and is facing 3rd degree assault charges, which if convicted could land him only a year in jail, all the way down to just a fine.

The charges stem from an attack on his wife in which Wright, according to his wife hit her “so quickly and often” that she was not sure if he was punching her, elbowing her, or a combination of both.

She suffered injuries that required emergency care to her face and teeth. She had what she called “goose eggs” on her face, and some of her teeth were knocked loose.

The incident happened in April, since then Wright had given an interview in which he dodged many questions and refused to comments on the details of the incident, reiterating over and over that “domestic abuse is not condoned”.

At the end of the interview, he categorically denies any abuse happened at all, saying “I can reassure you that nothing you are saying took place”.

Even though he had previously denied the attack happened, he turned himself in last week, over 3 months after the beating took place.

He was merely ticketed, put on paid leave, and released.

His first hearing will be on July 13th.

Wright seems to also have the support of the local government.

Town supervisor Jack Jones believes Wright “has done a great job as chief and will come out victorious”, even though Wright has already turned himself in.

Tax payers can be seen in the video report below expressing their frustration that they are being forced to pay for this guy’s salary while he is off the job and having admittedly turned himself in for beating his wife.

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