DUI Officer Found Drunk Behind the Wheel, Doesn’t Get Arrested

Officer Brent Rose has been arresting citizens for intoxication and other offenses since 2001 with his employment in the Franklin Police Department.

In 2005, he became a certified DUI police instructor, helping other officers arrest intoxicated citizens.

He’s likely been responsible for thousands of arrests over the last 13 years. download

Last week he was found drunk in his car.

He was so drunk, according to reports, that he couldn’t even stand up to do a field sobriety test without falling face-first on the ground.

Instead of receiving the very punishment he issued to other people over the last 13 years, he got away with it.

No arrest was made.

“What he needs is help, as opposed to being arrested,” remarked one of the officers.

Of course, that principle — and it’s certainly a reasonable, ethical principle — was disregarded for all the citizens arrested during officer Rose’s employment with FPD.

Illustrating once again that “law enforcement” has little to do with ethics and safety and everything to do with stuffing jails for career boosts.

When an officer wants to get arrests under his belt, he’s more than willing to threaten violence against and ruin the lives of other people for their lapses in judgment. When he makes that same lapse in judgment, ethics suddenly matter again and “law enforcement” is put aside.

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