Video: Police Eager to Begin Using “Eye Blinding” Gun Against American Citizens



RENO, NV — A company that specializes in equipping police with pain compliance weaponry is set to release an unprecedented piece of equipment.

The new compliance weapon is designed to blind people who are shot with it.

The blindness lasts for as much as 15 minutes.

This weapon would give police an ultimate form of control over people who protest against them.

It is bad enough to use tear gas and sound cannons, but to actually destroy one’s visual field for up to 15 minutes would be a very quick way to end any form of resistance to the police state.

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Shield Defense Systems is designing what they call the Z-RO.

Z-RO is a “retinal obfuscation” weapon.

The proprietary technology used in Z-RO results in an obstruction of a person’s vision temporarily for up to 10 to 15 minutes, according to the company’s website.

The fact that police are intending to use this at a time when the nation is deeply concerned and upset about the militarization of police is a testament to how brazen law enforcement departments have become.

It appears as though they could care less about the concerns of Americans, and if anything, they seem determined to become even more militarized.

The weapon, it is claimed, will not result any any long-term damage on those whom it is used.

The weapon can also be used as a stand alone flash light or affixed to a gun (as the video below shows).

As Paul Joseph Watson remarks:

The image of the weapon on the company’s website isn’t likely to calm nerves given that the Z-RO is surrounded by what appear to be standard bullets. There is no explanation of how the “retinal obfuscation” gun actually works.

The notion of “pain compliance,” a technique increasingly being utilized by police departments, has led to concerns that officers have been given the green light to resort to a form of torture that provides plausible deniability.

In response to this news, many protesters have talked about using special goggles to shield their eyes, or perhaps even bringing mirrors to protests that would reflect the weapon’s power away from them.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether either of these tactics would be effective. Most likely police would claim it’s “assault on an officer” or “resisting arrest” and handcuff anybody who tried such tactics.

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Watch video below:

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