Police Enter Private Family Home and Hold Them Hostage Over “Marijuana Smell”


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Alexandria, VA — As animosity toward police reaches a boiling point in America, cops and even police accountability activists continue to ignore the reason for the divide. People are tired of being harassed, extorted, kidnapped, caged, and killed for possessing or ingesting an arbitrary substance that makes them happy that happens to be deemed illegal by the state.

In the United States, 1 out of every 111 citizens is currently in a government cage. Of those 2,224,400 people behind bars, nearly 400,000 of them are locked up for drug violations only.

According to the most recent data in 2014, police arrested 1,561,231 people for drug violations in a single year — 83 percent were possession only. Of that 1.5 million, 700,993 arrests were for marijuana — 88 percent of those arrests were for people possessing the plant only.

Year after year, and now, decade after decade, millions of otherwise entirely innocent people have been deprived of their freedom, kidnapped, had their lives ruined, were thrown in a cage, or killed by police officers who are just doing their job while enforcing this immoral war on drugs.

Given these numbers, everyone in America is either related to or knows someone who has been arrested for drugs. An unfortunate minority have even seen their family members or friends slain in the name of this immoral war. The effects of police ruining so many lives enforcing drug laws have created the hostile environment in which we find ourselves today.

“If you don’t want to have a bad experience with cops,” they say, “don’t break the law.”

However, time and time again, police in America target and even kill entirely innocent people — case in point, Philando Castile.

A video uploaded to YouTube this week epitomizes the Stasi-esque state created by the drug war.

In the video, police are dispatched to a home over the alleged complaint of “smelling marijuana.” The police response to the alleged complaint was to force their way into a private home, assault the homeowner and hold the occupants hostage.

Prior to cops invading their home, a group of friends and family was peacefully watching the UFC fights. However, thanks to the war on drugs and its enforcers, these innocent people were subject to an armed invasion of state agents whose ostensible mission is “protecting” society.

Without a warrant or permission, officer Gardner with the Alexandria police department forced his way into the home, assaulted the man who answered the door and threw him outside.

Garnder then unjustly entered the home and searched every room while the other officers held the occupants hostage in the living room.

As if they were searching for a missing child or a bomb, multiple officers detained these people for no other reason than to seek out a plant that is legal in some form in half the country.

The resultant video is nothing short of infuriating. And, while it does not justify the senseless murder of police officers, this video shows why so many people don’t like the police.

Until this brutal, rights violating, and murderous policy is brought to a halt, the divide and subsequent hostility will grow.

Watch the video below: