Police Forcibly Remove Doctor from United Airlines Flight

4/10/2017 | 6:03 PM EST

CHICAGO, IL — Surprising footage has surfaced showing police using violent force to remove a passenger from a United Airlines flight.

The passenger was not aggressive nor did he appear to do anything that disturbed others.

It turns out he was an elderly doctor who has devoted his life to helping people.

There is no indication in the video that he acted out-of-line or did anything disruptive.

So why did the airline decide to remove him, and why was he treated so abusively by police?

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According to multiple reports, the airline accidentally overbooked its flight, and so used a computer to randomly select people to be removed.

The passenger was selected, despite the fact that he works as a doctor.

It is not clear if he understood the situation, but the video starts when police can be seen yanking him from his seat.

It also appears that he may have been knocked unconscious, as police are seen dragging his motionless body down the aisle of the aircraft.

It could be that the doctor simply didn’t understand what was occurring, and did not comply with orders to leave the plane, given that he paid for a ticket.

But whatever the case, fellow travelers seemed to agree that he did nothing wrong, and expressed shock at the treatment he received by police.

Watch the video below: