Police in Van RUN OVER Students After Graduation, Pepperspray Those Trying to Help Victims

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A disturbing video has gone viral online showing an unmarked police van literally accelerate into a crowd of people.

The people were evidently students who were celebrating after their graduation.

The police did not want them in the location they were celebrating, and can be seen on the video accelerating into the students.

Watching the video closely, one can see bodies fly up into the air as the van plows into them.

At this point, screams and moans can be heard and the footage cuts to the center of the attack.

Multiple officers appear to jump out of the van to start arresting the student, but the students can be seen already on the ground suffering after being struck by the van.

That is when citizens who witnessed the police atrocity start to form a crowd — eerily reminiscent of the scene in V for Vendetta when a crowd witnesses an officer shoot a small girl.

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One female officer at this point totally loses it and injects even more unnecessary violence into the scene.

She can be heard screaming several times “Back up!” as if she is some divinely appointed queen and people are just supposed to obey everything she says.

The people obviously were distraught at seeing the suffering students whom moments ago were simply celebrating their graduation. None of them were engaged in any harmful activity.

After seeing that the crowd had no justifiable reason for obeying her shouts and screams to “back up,” the female officer then does the unthinkable.

She begins shooting into the crowd wildly with pepperspray.

When the video is slowed down, you can see she isn’t even aiming at a direct target but rather waving the bottle of mace back and forth as if to blindly hurt anyone nearby.

This story is still developing. We have not yet been able to confirm if any of the students lived.

It was sent to us by a supporter in Sweden. Although we focus mostly on US police brutality here, it is important to remember that this is a global epidemic.

Here is what our contact says:

Maybe this is something interesting for you. Sweden is called “Little america” by europeans.

Swedish police. The swedish government are really influated by the american government so the swedish police act violent aswell. (I’m sorry for my english, hope you guys understand).

Here is a video of swedish police running over teens who celebrated that they graduated. When other teens tried to help they got sprayed the fuck out.

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