Police Kick Man in the Face, Break His Jaw After They “Felt Threatened” by His Wallet: Report

Kentluku Nugent had done nothing to provoke an attack from the police – which left him with a broken jaw.

The city of Orlando is paying for not only the error in judgment when cops mistook Nugent’s identity, but also their use of excessive force on an innocent civilian.

As it turns out police were called to a motel in Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.

Someone had reported an incident of domestic violence.

Officers William Escobar, Jonathan Mills and Joel Williams responded to the call. When they saw Nugent, according to Escobar, they claimed he “fit the description” of the suspect.

Escobar began to pat him down for weapons.

In his report he says, the victim “pointed his wallet” in a way that the officer felt he was under attack so he pushed Nugent to the ground.

Is it possible that Nugent was merely removing his wallet for the pat down to proceed?

This is when Nugent evidently became frightened and began running away.

Escobar says he tried to stop him using a stun gun as well as a shot of chemical spray.

It was not until another officer, Mills, used his stun gun that Nugent went down.

In his report Mills says, that the victim “continued to resist” and Officer Williams had to help him subdue the man. They admit using batons and chemical spray to control Nugent.

While Escobar says it was Nugent’s fall on a concrete sidewalk that broke his jaw, the injured man claimed that it was a kick in the face from the officer when he was on the ground caused the damage.

This is not the first time the police officer has come under fire for abusing civilians.

Nugent pursued the matter in court and judge ruled that police indeed dealt with the matter using excessive force.

However, it seems that Escobar is a habitual offender.

Two years after the incident with Nugent, the officer was fired and criminal charges were pressed against him on account of a separate matter.

In body cam footage from another officer, he can be spotted kicking and holding down a man before pulling him off the ground and walking him to a patrol car.

The victim was Refus Holloway.

His sister Luciarae Fripp also recorded the incident on her cell phone.

The two videos created damning evidence that led to the dishonorable outcome for Escobar.

Now, even after his dismissal the city of Orlando is expected to pay for his senseless beating of a man who had not even been the person that the police were looking for.

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